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Stay Driving acknowledges its commitment to the Australian Privacy Principles, Privacy Act and/or any other applicable privacy code, in relation to the collection, storage, management and disclosure of personal information in the course of conducting its business.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information or an opinion (whether true or not) about people we work with or have worked with in the past and information about people who have registered an interest in any of our business activities including recruitment. It may range from the very sensitive (e.g. medical history or condition) to the everyday (e.g. address and phone number). It might include the opinions of others about work performance (whether true or not), work experience and qualifications, aptitude test results, peer review, appraisal and other information obtained by us directly or in working with people. Personal information includes sensitive information.

What is sensitive information?

Sensitive information is a special category of personal information. It is information or opinion in relation to:

  • racial or ethnic origin;
  • political opinion;
  • membership of a political association;
  • religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliations;
  • membership of a professional or trade association or membership of a trade union;
  • sexual preferences or practices;
  • criminal record;
  • health or disability (at any time);
  • expressed wishes about the future provision of health services.

It includes personal information collected to provide a health service. Sensitive information can, in most cases, only be collected or disclosed with your consent.

How does Stay Driving collect personal information?

Stay Driving may collect personal information (which may include sensitive information and health information) you provide directly to us over the phone or in person, or by way of forms and other documents or information provided by you to us in person, during an interview, by post, fax, electronically (including via email, social media and other platforms), in response to advertising or online via our website.

We may also collect personal information about you from third parties. For example, we may collect personal information about you from past employers or references, or from results of competency or psychometric tests in which you have participated, from clients when we receive feedback on your performance, and from companies we hire to assist us or provide services to you on our behalf, including but not limited to third parties handling information management, customer support enquiries, marketing or recruitment.

Storage and security of personal information

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure security of personal information. Information stored on our website and systems is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities. It is our policy to destroy all personal information once there is no longer a legal or business need to retain that information. The use of electronic mail is not secure given the nature of technology. It is possible that e-mail that is transmitted over the internet can be viewed, copied or amended. Accordingly, if you are concerned about the security of any correspondence to our office, you should consider communicating by normal post, over the telephone or by facsimile.

How does Stay Driving use your personal information?

We do not sell or trade personal information or allow third parties to use personal information for their own purposes. We will use personal information (except sensitive information, see below) for the following purposes unless otherwise required or permitted by law or by your express consent:

  • to enable us to conduct our business generally and to facilitate the provision of employment, recruitment, training, human resource management and other services to you;
  • if you are a job-applicant or a potential contractor (with us or our clients) to assess your suitability, to conduct performance appraisals, tests, assessments, workplace rehabilitation, or to identify your training needs, and to assist with administering your employment or contract on an ongoing basis, as necessary;
  • to provide you with marketing materials in relation to offers, specials, products and services we or other companies have available from time to time which might better service your requirements or other opportunities in which you may be interested;
  • for our internal management or insurance purposes, to manage our relationship with you, to manage any complaint or investigation in which you are involved and to manage the payment and recovery of amounts payable to us or our related companies by you; and
  • for other purposes which are reasonably necessary in connection with any of the above uses

We will only use sensitive information for the purposes for which it was provided or for a purpose directly related to such purpose, unless you agree otherwise or the use of such sensitive information is required or authorised by law.

If we are unable to collect personal information relating to you, we may be unable to provide you with the services you require, proceed with your application for work placement, or continue our relationship with you.

We may disclose personal information about you to the following types of entities if required in connection with the purposes listed above:

  • our clients, potential clients, contractors, consultants, advisers and associates and those of our associated companies;
  • if you have provided us with referees or references to assist with a job application, recruitment process or the assessment of a potential contract between you and us or you and one of our clients, those referees or references you have provided;
  • any industry body, tribunal, court or otherwise in connection with any complaint made by you about us;
  • our insurers;
  • any entity included in a transfer of all or part of our assets or businesses; and
  • other entities with your consent or as permitted or required by law.

We may disclose the kinds of personal information mentioned above to overseas recipients such as associated companies or contractors who provide us with services.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can obtain access to, or correction of, personal information we hold about you, and about how you can make a complaint if you are of the view we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles, the Australian Privacy Act, and/or any other applicable privacy codes in dealing with your personal information. Our Privacy Policy is available by contacting us as specified below.

Please direct all queries or complaints in relation to your privacy to: Administration Support – e-mail address: admin@staydriving.com.au.